Author: Jolene Haley

Clean Beauty Revolution | Au Naturale’s CEO & Founder Ashley Prange

Magic + Makers   Green Beauty Expert Katey Denno’s Guest Editor Week “Approach life with love and compassion. People need to be reminded sometimes.” That is how clean beauty revolutionary and founder of Au Naturale Cosmetics, Ashley Prange, ended our interview. The life advice resonated with me as I stared out my window, watching the city lights twinkle in the dark. She finished her thought. “If people can do that, they’ll feel good about themselves and probably a little more beautiful, too.” Au Naturale Cosmetics is leading the clean and green beauty revolution, proving that quality makeup can be made...

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Become Intoxicated | Meet Perfumer Sanae Barber

Magic + Makers Smoking Rose, Burning Ocean, Meadow Slumber, Innocence – at first mention, they sound like hit singles from your favorite band. Though music is one of the things that inspire perfumer and creator Sanae Barber, these names are actually popular fragrances you can experience from her line Sanae Intoxicants. She’s a new generation perfumer who hand blends full-bodied intoxicants (for men and women) inspired by music, lovers, and dreams. In case you’re wondering, an intoxicant is a “substance that produces feelings of pleasure or happiness in a person”, and Sanae’s creations certainly live up to their name....

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