Author: Kaitlin McHugh

Put A Plant On It | Aloe Edition

ALOE VERA Over 400 unique species comprise the Genus Aloe. Despite all the species being worthy of praise, this post focuses solely on aloe vera – easily found, affordable and an excellent, low-maintenance air purifier – it effortlessly aligns with the current “Put a Plant On It” criteria. Featuring a rosette of lance-shaped, fleshy leaves adorned with small whitish teeth (spines), aloe vera appear stemless and grow directly out of the soil. Bold and architectural in form, the aloe vera plant is downright handsome, making it a striking addition to any interior. One of the few medicinal species in...

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Put a Plant on It | Clean Air, Easy Care: Pretty, Tough Houseplants that Purify

I feel like a squatter in any space until my plants are nestled within the walls. Wonders of both form and function, these botanical babies light up a home in a way that no electrical mechanism can. They bring spirit and vivacity. They cleanse and charm. They yield restorative magic. Because of their unique capability to beautify and vitalize, I consider houseplants a must-have. Flora is inherently therapeutic. When we bring the outdoors in, physical and mental (and I dare say emotional) health benefits result. Proximity to plants fortifies health and expedites healing. How? Consider the biology: during photosynthesis...

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Backed Into a Small Corner | Tiny Home Hacks From a Design Expert

  During the fall of 2015, a sequence of events had me feeling like Dorothy in a tornado of change. This funnel cloud arose suddenly, and, due to its unforeseen nature, required rapid response, demanded quick decision making, and gobbled up all sorts of resources. First, my residence was swallowed up. Within a week, I needed to find my next home, pack up my current home, and relocate. It was a big deal considering I worked out of a home office. Luckily, the first place I visited —despite its tiny size —was a perfect fit for me and my...

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