Author: Katie Manzella

Rockin’ Out | August is for Kyanite

The love we express for our crystals is a true reflection of self-love. Assuring our crystals are always cleansed and happy provides the receiver with the same source of blissful energy. However, there are a few stones so extraordinary that they never need clearing as they live in a state of constant attunement. Kyanite is one of the magic minerals whose cleansing is self-sustained and will never absorb anything less than divine. The subtle energy that emits from Kyanite’s peaceful presence creates a calm in every cell that relaxes the entire being into the knowing of it’s true infinite...

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Rockin’ Out | July is for Red Jasper

Not all crystals are here to heighten humanity’s consciousness to a level where one may travel throughout the Cosmic Realms transcending all Time and Space. Plenty of stones have made their presence available for humanity to restore their connection to this beautiful Planet. Red Jasper, the blood of the Earth, is one of the greatest tools there is to anchor into Terra’s terrain. When we reinforce our connection to Mother Earth’s embrace, we recover the stability and life-force to navigate through our human experience with renewed stamina and peace of mind. Red Jasper is a stone that works powerfully...

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Rockin’ Out | June is for Lapis Lazuli

Crystals have lived in the electromagnetic energy field of Mother Earth since before the dawn of time collecting her nurturing loving energies and anchoring the cosmic lights of Father Sky. A stone proving this to be true is Lapis Lazuli, an ancient Egyptian treasure and a blessing to all of mankind. The presence of Lapis in the earth plane is not here to act as a healer; its intention is to empower the true divine being of Light. When one grounds in their true worth and refines the energetic fields with the assistance of Lapis, the soul comes to realize that...

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