Author: Kira Cook

Giving Vintage a Whirl |Interview with WHURL founder Samantha Kuntz

A year ago, Los Angeles-based Samantha Kuntz left her position as a buyer at ModCloth and founded her own app called Whurl. A community-driven vintage marketplace, Whurl was forged out of her love for vintage and a desire to create an online fashion hamlet, if you will. Whurl is a completely novel niche in the clothing industry. Sam noticed fundamental holes in the vintage and fashion marketplace and grew her brainchild from scratch, beta-testing a mere month after quitting her full-time job. The ethos behind Whurl is essentially eBay in reverse: the buyer holds the (1960s-era) cards and the...

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She IS Wild | Solo Artist Esme Patterson and the Domestication of Ourselves

We Were Wild is the provocative title of the record out today, June 10, from Denver-native-turned-Portland-dweller singer/songwriter Esmé Patterson. It’s her third solo album and is released by Grand Jury Music. Though she was one of the founding members of the Denver indie rock band Paper Bird (along with her sister), last year she decided to fully commit to her solo music career. She moved to Portland and wrote this gorgeous rock record, chockablock with songs that swing between intimate melodic moments and energetic rock riffs, all buoyed by her honey-sweet voice. I had a conversation with Esmé on the eve...

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