Author: Laura Brown

Developing Intuition | Opening to Our Guides

Magic + Makers As we delve deeper into our intuition, we begin to open up to the guidance that comes to us from our guides. When I first began consciously developing my intuition, I was inundated with questions about my contact with my guides. What I had a hard time divulging to those who asked was that opening to that intuitive channel and trusting what came through proved incredibly difficult for me. There is a ton of information out there on how to reach our guides, how to call them close and ask for their assistance. And I will...

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Developing Intuition | How To Clear the Window of Perception

Intuition is a gift that we’re all given, but like any muscle not used regularly it begins to weaken. This is the first in a series of articles helping you to cultivate your intuition so that you can live a life expansive in consciousness, centeredness and awareness. “When reason rules, then dreams and prophecies, psychic insights and unconscious forces go underground and fester. Rationalism’s success in cutting off our access to our deep psychic and spiritual dimensions suppressed half our life.” – Jean Houston For many of us, we wake and our brains are immediately held hostage by the...

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