Author: Lindsay Mack

Monthly Medicine | March is The Cave

What we are releasing: King of Cups What we are moving into: 4 of Cups We are descending into some incredibly powerful, heretofore un-examined territory this month. March is a month to listen more than we speak, to wonder more than we assume — it is a time of quiet, and of internal exploration. There is much to discover and explore within ourselves at this time, and we will be welcomed and called down into those places this month. The descent will not be a frightening one, and The Cave is not a scary place. We are going home....

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Monthly Medicine | January is Quiet Liberation

Cast and channeled by using The Starchild Tarot What is leaving: QUEEN OF PENTACLES The energy of the month: KING OF SWORDS What we are learning about: NINE OF PENTACLES A new year! January is a very powerful month, one that is shaping up to be a little microcosm of the year ahead. 2017 insists that we do some internal digging. We will be invited to investigate our inner landscapes over and over this year, clarifying our truth so we may be fully aligned and prepared for the opportunities and growth that will come calling for us this year....

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Monthly Medicine | December is Choosing Softness

Channeled and cast by Lindsay Mack. In December, we are moving out of THE TOWER, and into QUEEN OF PENTACLES. This month will invite us to lean into softness during moments of contraction, resistance and discomfort. We cannot continue to harden to our pain, and to the world’s pain. We must crack our hearts open like fruit, breathe into the experience, and spread our arms wide, both to ourselves and all those who we can be of service to. Everything in this life is a choice. We can choose surrender, ease and grace, activism, action — all are appropriate,...

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Monthly Medicine | November is Liberation through Sacred Death

Deck: The Smith Rider Centennial November is a very powerful month. A very quiet, thoughtful, internally centered energy will be flowing through the collective. We will be invited to release the energy of The Devil — distractions, old stories and addictive patterns that have been keeping us small and locked in old patterning. Anything or any place that the ego or brain has been running the show will come up this month — we are ready to take inquiry to it. I will speak a little more about how we can work with this release proactively, letting go of...

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Monthly Medicine | October is The Transformation

Cast by Lindsay Mack with Spirit Speak’s Tarot Deck and Iris Oracle Deck. October is a sacred death month. We can see this seasonally, no? The trees show their colors, the weather gets cooler, the veil gets thinner. In terms of astrology, we transition from Libra into Scorpio in October. So much has already changed. Eclipse season is winding down, we made it out of Mercury Retrograde, and we are continuing to evolve in this potent time. This month will present opportunity after opportunity to level up and prepare for that “sacred death”; the energies of both Libra and...

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