Author: Lulu Micha

REBUILDING | Our 2018 Word of the Year

Beauty + Brains This word came to me instantly several months ago. When we began the tradition of the OTW word of the year last year, that word also came effortlessly. 2016 concluded with so much evidence of worldwide prejudice and pain and a mere sense of how many people were barely living, emotionally or physically, as they tried to scrape by in life. To “thrive”, or strive for that, seems as basic a human right as shelter and sustenance, but we all know that countless people around the world are only surviving. Some will not at all. So, we...

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The Land Of Enchantment | Come On a Journey With Us

Enchantment: A quality that attracts and holds your attention by being interesting, pretty, etc. A MAGIC spell. All photos taken by Taren Maroun “Why the Albuquerque hot air balloon festival?” – Some of our friends “Why not? What a gift to wake before sunrise to see hundreds of well-loved balloons set flight, standing alongside friends. Why not toil long, hard days to peel ourselves away from work and to experience the grandiose qualities of nature, again alongside dear friends and listening to great music. Why not take our first Of The Wolves trip to New Mexico, where we can indulge...

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