Author: McKayla Robbin

Body, Landscape, Mirror | Typewriter Poems Series

Culture + Community “The body repeats the landscape,” writes feminist Meridel Le Sueur. Body as landscape; body as mirror. Let’s consider, first, landscapes, of which there are countless varieties, both wild (oceans, deserts, forests, arctic tundras) and tamed (gardens, farmlands, cities, suburban neighborhoods). Landscape can be determined solely by environmental factors, though landscape is also greatly determined by humans – by our desires, whims, will, and – sadly -by our greed. We divide the landscape into cities, counties, countries. We chop down trees to build new houses; we fill in marshes to build cities below sea level. Too often,...

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Wonder | Typewriter Poems Series

Culture + Community Imagine you’re on vacation without internet access. Your friend says to you offhandedly, “I wonder what will happen if we…” or “I wonder where we should go for…” or “I wonder when…” What do you think the ensuing conversation look like? Maybe you’d start a lively debate or elicit advice from a stranger. Maybe you’d put your heads together and think of a new, creative solution. Or maybe it’d lead to a long, rambling conversation that leads somewhere else entirely. Now imagine your friend says the same offhanded statement, but this time, you have access to...

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On Worrying and Doing Less of It | Typewriter Poems Series

Culture + Community Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you, too, often feel as though your brain is jam-packed with doubts and anxieties. With worst-case scenarios and never-ending guilt-trips. With words like should and have to and not enough. It’s easy to feel burdened by the pressures of a competitive, consumerist culture, so how do we give ourselves the permission to lay down these burdens? Is it possible to acknowledge our worries, gently set them aside, and then move forward in our lives without dragging them along? There’s a poem by Mary Oliver called “I Worried,” and it goes like this:...

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On Rebuilding | Typewriter Poems Series

Culture + Community Here’s what the first half of the new year looks like: the old world has crumbled, our disillusionments have shattered, what once was no longer is (or perhaps we have learned that it never truly was in the first place). And now, after the damage and desecration and disappointment, after the pain and suffering and loss, we sit in the ruined cities of our hearts, minds, bodies, and communities, and we howl at the moon: what now? Here’s what we do: we rebuild – we build again. The word ‘again’ is important: hold onto it. Because ‘again’...

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Learning to Speak | Typewriter Series

Culture + Community Sometimes, particularly following trauma, we’ve been silent for so long that we need to learn to speak all over again. But this isn’t an easy task in this world of ours, a world that can be (and often is) tough and unforgiving and cruel, a world where some people choose to speak in insults and fists and bullets. And learning to speak is particularly difficult when your voice is made to feel irrelevant or less than because of your gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. Speaking doesn’t always mean pushing our voices up through diaphragm and throat and...

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