Author: McKayla Robbin

The Underbelly of Silence | Typewriter Poems Series

Culture + Community Because the previous installment of this series focused on the power of silence, and because I believe in the both/and of things rather than the either/or, and because so many women have stepped forward in recent months to speak their truths, it seems only fitting that this installment focus on the underbelly of silence, on the pain and fear that so often prevent us from speaking. Imposed silence is different than sought silence: imposed silence is not a choice by the one who keeps silent; it is a choice made by the person or group of people who choose...

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The Power of Silence | Typewriter Poems Series

Culture + Community *Before we begin, it is important to note (as Rebecca Solnit does in her essay “A Short History of Silence”) that silence can be and often is a form of oppression; however, for our purposes, we will differentiate between silence that is imposed and silence that is sought and consider here only those forms of silence that are sought by oneself, of oneself.* Being quiet does not always mean being disengaged, and something spoken is not always more valuable than something unspoken, though we’re often told otherwise by popular culture. On social media platforms, the word “engagement”...

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Body Talk | Typewriter Poems Series

Culture + Community We welcome our newest contributor and her “Typewriter Series” with its first, beautiful installment…   Our bodies are ancient storytellers: the scar on your knee tells the story of falling off your bike when you were young; the flush in your cheeks and butterflies in your stomach tell the story of what it’s like to be in love or excited or embarrassed. The food you ate yesterday, the path you walk through town without thinking about it, the familiar and reassuring touch of a close friend — these experiences become part of us, part of our cellular landscape. But our...

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