Author: Micha

Inexpensive Alkalizing | Abolishing Acidity Is For Everyone

For many, the latest health trends, some based on substantial research and case studies, are out of our grasp financially, sometimes even conceptually. The focus on body acidity and minding our P’s and H’s for optimum health harmony is a relatively new concept for a lot of people. It was to me about four years ago. The real focus here is reaching alkalinity – measured in your pH balance – which is tantamount to reaching the zenith of your meditation practice. Much like a calm and quiet mind, your body functions best and more effortlessly when acidity is at...

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Why I’m a Wolf | Micha’s OTW Manifesto

Of the Wolves, for me, honors what I believe are the most potent essences of human nature – to learn and share with others, to dust off ancient technologies and revitalize them for the modern wild world and to dwell collectively, even if many moments are spent in solitary. There are more conglomerations of words “published” digitally or in ephemera than ever before. We can’t turn the clock back on the constant streams of information and sharing. Yet, interestingly, with the glut of magazines, blogs, zines, radio shows – content-based companies in general – it feels like so few of...

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