Author: Nicole Mayefske

Monthly Medicine | January Wishes to Take You for a Ride

Magic + Makers Universal energy this month: Knight of Wands What we’re bringing to the table: Six of Coins Further advice/assistance: Fluorite Decks: Fountain Tarot, Visions Crystal Oracle Alas, we’re tumbling into a new year and with that comes the onslaught of resolution talk: diet, weight loss, regular exercise, cutting back on sugar, alcohol, social media, time on one’s phone, etc. As we’re all aware, this is the time of year to make it a point to get our shit together, even though we know most resolutions fall to the wayside only weeks into the year. While I’m certainly not a fan of...

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Monthly Medicine | December is Keeping On

Magic + Makers   What we need to embrace: Page of Cups, Endurance, Fluorite Decks: Aquarian Tarot, Vessel Oracle, Visions Crystal Oracle Here we are, the last month of this mixed bag of a year. Because I really want you to get the absolute most out of this monthly medicine, I changed it up a bit. Instead of asking what’s lingering into this month, what we’re moving into as well as further advice, I asked the question: What do we, as a collective, need to know, do and open ourselves up to in order to get the most out of this final...

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Monthly Medicine | November is Stepping Back

Magic + Makers What’s still lingering: Seven of Pentacles What we’re moving into: Page of Wands Further Advice: Connect Decks: Aquarian Tarot, Vessel Oracle My intention a week ago was to work on this column so that the weekend before Halloween was free for dance parties, binge-watching 80s horror films, and maybe purchasing my pup a costume. Instead, here I am, over a dozen pieces of candy deep, the A Nightmare on Elm Street soundtrack playing in the background, candles lit, and cards just recently pulled for all of you. How fitting that I greatly procrastinated and ended up pulling cards for...

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Monthly Medicine | October is Getting Back to What’s Real

Magic + Makers What’s still lingering: Three of Swords (Reversed) What we’re moving into: Three of Cups Further Advice: Five of Swords (Reversed) Decks: The Wild Unknown Tarot The slightest dip in the weather brought talk of pumpkin spice season, memes featuring Sigourney Weaver cozying up to a pumpkin, and the promotion of horror movie marathons. While it’s tempting to solely align your focus on what you’re wearing this Halloween, or what day trip you’re going to take that will capitalize on getting a glimpse of all the fall colors, there’s still some damn inner-work to be done that...

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Monthly Medicine | September is Underlining Your Fears

Magic + Makers What’s still lingering: The Moon  What we’re moving into: The Hanged Man  Further Advice: Rest Decks: Aquarian Tarot, Vessel Oracle Deck Most episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, frogs and toads, the movie Scream (which I watched with my family followed by episodes of I Love Lucy so I could fall asleep), and my mother not making it home from her nights shifts safely – as a child growing up in Wisconsin, these are the things that kept me awake at night. While taking a walk earlier this evening, I recalled how these childhood...

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