Author: Nicole Mayefske

Monthly Medicine | August is All About Making Adjustments

Magic + Makers What’s still lingering: Six of Cups  What we’re moving into: Seven of Coins  Further Advice: Chrysoprase Decks: The Fountain Tarot, Visions Crystal Oracle Serendipitous events are at the forefront of this month’s medicine. Like a string of coincidences, or just plain happenstance if you prefer, passages in books, conversations over beer with loved ones, and reading (and later re-reading) horoscopes from folks I respect and admire, have all been confirming and doubling down on the cards that were pulled for August. It’s evident that we’re settling into a period where our connectedness to others wants its...

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Monthly Medicine | July is About Returning to You

Magic + Makers What’s still lingering: Son of Wands Reversed What we’re moving into: Six of Wands Further Advice: Spirit Decks: The Wild Unknown, Vessel Oracle Before I do any reading, whether one card, three, or nearly the entire deck, I like to sit with myself and get in a meditative state. I’ve pictured myself on a bluff above the ocean, in the middle of nowhere under the only tree for miles, standing knee-deep in water looking longingly at the moon, in the woods with animals lingering in the background, you name it. But for reading for a large...

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Monthly Medicine | June is Going with the Flow

Magic + Makers What’s still lingering: The World Reversed What we’re moving into: Traveler of Stones Reversed Further Advice: Student of Branches Deck: Slow Holler   To be completely honest with each and every one of you, I went against the tide of last month’s medicine. If you remember, May was all about stepping it up, building upon your efforts of months prior, becoming more serious, and dedicating yourself to creating something solid as a rock. Yeah…that didn’t happen for me. Instead, I rebelled against that energy. I took it easy. I let my to-do list wither away. All...

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Monthly Medicine | May is Stepping it Up

Magic + Makers What’s still lingering: Knight of Wands What we’re moving into: The Emperor Further Advice: Trust Decks: Rider Waite Smith Centennial + Vessel Oracle Determination is in my bones. A desire to charge ahead with all that I want has been lingering for some weeks now. It’s as if the arrival of spring, tulips, and more people taking it to the streets and sidewalks stirred within me energy and motivation that was severely lacking only months prior. For whatever reason, attempting to get what you really want and desire just seems easier when the skies are bright,...

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