Author: Sarah Gottesdiener

Moon Maven | September Full Moon

Magic + Makers Welcome to the only full moon of September 2017. This full moon takes place on a Wednesday. Mercury has just come out of retrograde – for those of you who make note of such events. With this moon smack dab in the middle of the first proper week of the month, we have the perfect opportunity to reflect, assess, emote, feel gratitude, charge our crystals, write down massive manifestation dream lists, enjoy time with loved ones, take a salt bath, go out dancing, have awesome sex alone or with someone else, light some candles, and snuggle...

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Moon Maven | August Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Magic + Makers August 7th: Full Moon in Aquarius, 11:11AM PST Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, 11:22AM PST, 7:55 PM PST moonrise Happy Moonday and welcome to the Full Moon of August! It is a full moon, on a Monday, ruled by la la la lovely Luna herself. It is full on 11:11 in the morning; make a wish! Make three! Then a partial lunar eclipse starts ten minutes later. Be still. Take 11 deep breaths, all the way up from your toes to the top of your head. The Moon brings up so much. Actuals and metaphors, the perceptions...

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Moon Maven | July Full Moon

Magic + Makers July 8th: Full Moon in Capricorn 9:07 pm PST This Full Moon shimmers out above us on a Saturday, ruled by the planet Saturn. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the Native American name for the July moon is the Full Buck Moon, or the Thunder Moon. However, in my research I have been unable to locate which Native American people named the July moon. The Algonquin, who mostly lived/live in southern Quebec and eastern Ontario, call this moon “Squash are ripe.” The Cherokee, originally living in what is now called the American Southeast, called this...

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Moon Maven | Full June Moon is Practicing the Present

Magic + Makers Suggested Affirmation: “My way to my liberation is paved through my practice. My arrows shoot high from the present. I stay aligned with my highest vibration. I work backwards from the truth.” Like many major Moon phases this year, this Full Moon falls on a Friday—at the crack of dawn for us on the West Coast. This June Full Moon is referred to as the Strawberry Moon, among other names. I’ve also come across this particular Full Moon called the “Mead Moon,” “Honey Moon,” and the “Rose Moon”. Time to pick and gather fruit, and make...

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Moon Maven | Embodying Intensity and the Herbal Allies for the Scorpio Full Moon

Magic + Makers This month’s Moon Medicine, brought to us by Liz Migliorelli of Sister Spinster Suggested Affirmation: “I trust my body to guide me through mystery.” Let us ground into the story of this moon-time, breathing into it. Let’s call in the players of this earth-sky story and everything they have brought to the table at this moment. We call in the notorious full moon in Scorpio, with its fierce intuition, its deep commitment to being engaged in mystery (spirit, subconscious, dreams), and its continuously transformative path. We call in water, Scorpio’s element, the emotional realm, the possibility...

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