Author: Sivan Bogan

July Bibliotherapy with Sivan Bogan

Culture + Community “Giovanni’s Room” by James Baldwin Where to begin with James Baldwin? An American writer, poet, and social critic, a former preacher, a dreamer, a black man in a white man’s world. James Baldwin was born in Harlem in 1924, the oldest of nine children. He spent his life traveling, writing, and fighting for equality. He will be a wave of power, intelligence, and love that will wash over the world for the rest of time. This was the first book of his that I read. The story takes place in the 1950s in Paris, where we follow...

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OTW July Gatherings

Culture + Community Summer is officially here, and we have so many exciting events coming up! July 9 and 23 “Moon Mondays” is a special, recurring Reiki circle Whitney (of Canyon and the Moon) and Co-wolf Micha Thomas have lovingly created, happening twice a month, including: a lunar calendar information and intention setting opening, Reiki discussion, guided meditation, brief healing sessions (Reiki, crystals, oils, sounds) from Micha and Whitney, group practice of giving and receiving Reiki, and closing group shares. Reiki is an ancient healing technique and transfer of Universal Life Force Energy. No prior Reiki experience or training is necessary. This...

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Leslie Pietrzyk | An Interview with the Author of “Silver Girl”

Culture + Community I was deep in a reading slump when I came across “Silver Girl”. I was browsing the shelves at Skylight Books in Silverlake (Los Angeles) when this cover jumped out to me. I had never heard of this story or the author, but I gave it a chance and am so grateful that I did. The story is set against 1980s Chicago, where we follow an obscure young woman starting her first year of college. She meets Jess on the first day, and we are thrust into a deeply-rooted friendship of love, jealousy, and secrets. I finished...

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June Bibliotherapy with Sivan Bogan

Culture + Community “Abandon Me” by Melissa Febos I could talk about this book for the rest of my life. This is a deeply personal memoir that explores connection — connecting with yourself, your loved ones, and what these connections mean. Melissa writes about her relationships with her sea caption step father and her birth father. Her birth father only giving her two things: his battle with addiction and his Native American heritage. She writes about her complicated, exhilarating, and heartbreaking long-distance abusive relationship with a married woman. Every drug she’s done, every drink she’s had, everyone she loved during...

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May Bibliotherapy with Sivan Bogan

Culture + Community “The Red Car” by Marcy Dermansky Oh this weird and magical little book. I read it in one sitting and wanted to carry this story around with me for a long time. We follow Leah, a young writer in an unfulfilling marriage to a possessive husband. When Leah’s former boss, Judy, dies, she leaves Leah the red sports car that killed her. Leah takes off in the car, and follows her heart from New York to the West Coast. Through her journey, we meet a cast of characters that shape, challenge, and soften her. The character of...

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