Author: Sivan Bogan

April Bibliotherapy with Sivan Bogan

Culture + Community Complicated. Female. Friendships. My current reading topic of choice. I will carry these books in my heart forever. Silver Girl by Leslie Pietrzyk I picked this book up in the middle of a reading slump. The cover interested me, and I trusted that. From the first paragraph, I knew I had made the right decision. The story is set against 1980s Chicago, where we follow an obscure young woman starting her first year of college. She meets Jess on the first day, and we are thrust into a deeply rooted friendship of love, jealousy, and secrets. A...

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March Bibliotherapy with Sivan Bogan

Culture + Community The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath I remember the very first time I read this book. It was the first time I felt truly understood and validated in regards to my mental health. In this story, we follow Esther Greenwood, a girl who from the outside, has all the makings of a successful young woman in 1953. Esther is intellectual and beautiful, and after winning a prestigious internship after college, she has been given an incredible opportunity to make a name for herself. Esther’s lingering fear of inadequacy, failure, and sense of sadness ultimately catches up with...

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February Bibliotherapy with Sivan Bogan

Culture + Community With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I am sharing three books this month that focus on love. Love of all kinds – romantic, platonic, and everything in between. Just Kids by Patti Smith How on earth can I talk about Patti Smith? I don’t know. I’ll try my hardest to do her justice, but I am not sure anyone can. This book, Just Kids, is about Patti Smith, as a young musician, and her unique relationship with the late Robert Mapplethorpe when both were struggling artists. The memoir reveals the out-of-this world connection they had and the...

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January Bibliotherapy with Sivan Bogan

Culture + Community   A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit I am heading into 2018 with uncertainty, as I suppose a lot of us are. 2017 unfolded with a lot of anger and frustrations, with very little knowledge into what 2018 will bring. I am afraid and a bit lost, feelings I am familiar with but that also feel brand new every time. I had never read anything that explored these deeply intimate emotions…until A Field Guide to Getting Lost. Rebecca Solnit turns the fear of the unknown on its head. She explores topics such as loss,...

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