Since our full launch June 2016, we began getting notes from around the world, much to our surprise. People generally query how they can howl with us, how to become a member of the Pack, and many are even titled “I WANT TO HOWL WITH YOU” – just like that. Did you all coordinate this?! Before Of The Wolves 2.0, really it’s true and full incarnation, we already envisioned our Packs dwelled around the world. We realize our physical touch may be limited to the U.S. for now, but through our words, our images, our collaborations, and even our services, facilitating connections globally is still very possible.

Further, people ask about chapters in other countries, and we truly believe we are all ONE chapter. Yet we understand your desire to meet with your Pack face to face. We REALLY understand your desires to grow the Pack more! But few organizations predicated on human magic were built overnight! We know the call to connect and find ways to live a holistic life in such a modern age is important, and our howls are loud. So we look to you now, our Pack, to aid us in reaching our fingertips out and feeling the world more and the world feeling our presence more via the Wolf Pack Conservation Society. Like any full-time international community, we need help and resources to meet our mission of growing our Pack and providing unique tools for a high vibrating life in modern times.

So the call to join the Wolf Pack Conservation Society is now open! These are not applications; if you’re deeply interested in joining our efforts to grow we just ask you fill out the following form so we can get to know you better and send you more information throughout the year. Enrollment is always open, and below you will find some extremely helpful ways to help and join the Pack.

We can’t wait to be howling with more of you!
Love, OTW


Ways to contribute year round:

  • ENCOURAGE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY: via personal notes, emails – whatever you like – to sign up for newsletters on our homepage, donate, and engage with us however they feel comfortable.
  • DECLARE YOU’RE A MEMBER: by downloading the digital patch (soon to be a physical patch!), emailing us for official Of The Wolves hashtags, and sharing it with your friends  – on socials, via email, in person – along with a brief reason why you’re a part of the Pack and/or what Of The Wolves means to you.
  • RECRUIT YOUR FRIENDS + LOVED ONES: to join the Conservation Society and share with their worlds so the howl + message of Magically One Of a Kind, Powerfully Part Of the Pack can be heard louder around the world.
  • ORGANIZE OF THE WOLVES SATELLITE GATHERINGS: in your area, in partnership with us. To start, email us at with “Want To Organize a Howl In My City” in the subject line and talk to us about the event you’d like to host, and we’ll discuss the details and potential collaboration!
  • USE THE CONSERVATION BADGE: wherever you’d like! On your social accounts, personal websites, anywhere! Soon, stickers + badges will be made available for a nominal cost to place wherever you’d like.