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Developing Intuition | Opening to Our Guides

by | Jun 11, 2017

As we delve deeper into our intuition, we begin to open up to the guidance that comes to us from our guides. When I first began consciously developing my intuition, I was inundated with questions about my contact with my guides. What I had a hard time divulging to those who asked was that opening to that intuitive channel and trusting what came through proved incredibly difficult for me. There is a ton of information out there on how to reach our guides, how to call them close and ask for their assistance. And I will condense it all for you right here: you just ask them to come close and guide you. Yet, even when we start getting an answer on the other side of the line, we often miss it entirely or doubt. We begin to dismiss it as our imagination (another word for intuition, in my book) and try to find every reason we can to think what is coming forward is not legitimate contact from our guides. So how do you know? How can you tell when you are getting a heads up from your guides?

Here are 4 solid signs your guides are reaching back out to you.

  1. Ringing…

In the ears, that is. Often our guides interrupt the energy around us to such a degree that we hear a high-pitched ringing in one of our ears. Sometimes this can be when we are lost in thought, contemplating a decision or situation we are facing or simply when they are coming closer to you and want you to know they are there. This ringing, for me, was one of the first signs that made sense and that was concrete enough for me to trust. Furthermore, it was a wonderful confirmation of sorts as well. If you have this happen to you think back to what you were just feeling or what questions or situations you were pondering. Your guides are trying to tell you something about those topics. If you don’t feel that there was anything of great relevance or consequence that you were thinking and/or feeling than take it as confirmation of their being close. If possible you may wish to sit down for a light meditation to call them closer and ask for them to speak to you in a specific fashion (such as Tarot, through signs that you call forth or even audibly in a journey).

  1. Your thoughts may not be your own

Many times, our guides will attempt to reach us via our thoughts. It’s a wonderful tactic, if you think about it. We are so much more inclined to listen to ourselves and the messages that come forth if they sound familiar, such as our own voice. Equally so, this makes it sometimes confusing if you are still not feeling confident in your communication with your guides. When I first began to build trust in the thought communication between myself and my guides I would ask for certain signs that I could then validate at a certain point. I eventually started to roll with it. I started to listen to that internal voice, because whether it was my higher self, my guides, or just my brilliant brain coming up with some hardcore awesomeness, I knew that if I didn’t test out some of what was coming through (safely and with compassion, of course) then I would continue to doubt myself and thus doubt my guides.

  1. Things start synching up

Alignment happens for a reason. When we begin to open ourselves up spiritually and raise our vibration we begin to align ourselves to the vibration our guides reside within. This means we begin to see and hear their messages with greater ease. One of these signs are synchronicity. Do you see a particular bird several times in the same day or over the course of the same day? It may be time to research that bird and its totemic energy. Same applies to seeing images or hearing about any other animal, flower, plant etc. And it’s not just signs about animals. One time, my guides kept showing me signs relating to shoes. I received a coupon in the mail for my favorite online boutique the same day I saw a commercial about a shoe sale and complimented another woman I saw walking into my daughter’s school who was rocking some pretty fierce shoes. On their own I may just chalk it up to having shoes on the brain, but later that week when I received free tickets for the local Spring fundraiser (that required formal wear), I suddenly realized my guides were telling me I would need some fancier footwear. Our guides will send us signs for the large and small matters in life, so it’s important that we not dismiss the synchronicities that come our way.

  1. Reoccurring Dreams

When we enter the Land of Nod, it’s our subconscious that is in charge and no part of us so readily and so willingly opens its arms to our guides than our subconscious. For several months in a row, I would have frequent dreams of speaking to a group of people about the divine feminine. At the time, I had no plans for speaking, so I just took it as a sign that I should start researching and working more with the divine feminine. A few months later, I received an invite to speak at Wanderlust on that very topic after the event coordinator read an article I wrote on the topic! Had I not listened to the messages that came through to me in my dreams, I never would have started exploring that topic more, which means I never would have written the blog that opened the door, so to speak, to a group of women on the topic! Messages from our dreams can sometimes be fleeting, the trick is recovering the messages immediately upon waking before our conscious minds take over and we begin to lose details of the journey we just took. Therefore, I keep a journal right by my bedside, and no matter how banal or extraordinary my dreams from the night before I immediately reach for that (and not my cell phone) journal to record what I dreamt with as much detail as possible. This allows us to retain more details than if we were to wait until later, that likely will be long forgotten but also begin to see patterns of messages coming through as we reflect upon the entries.

Building a relationship with our guides is an important facet to modern intuition. But like all relationships, contact with our guides requires patience and trust. We may not get it right away, and we may need to work on trusting the source of the information. The more we open our minds and our hearts to what our guides have to offer we find the relationship flows rather organically and paves the way for intuitive insights that radically enrich our lives.

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