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Gifts To Make Them Howl and To Help.

by | Nov 25, 2017

Sometimes the best gifts are experiences, knowledge and what you take with you in your heart and mind. Following are some of the gifts WE have to give to YOU and perhaps you can pass along this holiday season to your loved ones!

1) Of The Wolves REWILDING Retreat, January 26-28, 2018

We humans took some serious forks in the road to get to this complicated place we’re in, but the map is really quite traceable. How we transcend it is not so clearly laid out. Or is it? The point is not bleakness but opportunity – the crossroads humanity is at is an invitation. Communion is an ancient human need – to connect, tell each other stories, and to learn from one another. We’ve brought some of the brightest and most enthusiastic problem solvers and story tellers into one place for the weekend of January 26-28. 2018. If you’re curious at all about how to join us and REWILD, how to make changes in your life, how to live more altruistically, we will do our best to answer you! Learn more and purchase here!

2) Complexity Counseling Sessions with Micha Thomas

We each have most of the answers we’ll ever need within us, but part of the human condition is to possess blind spots and deeply embedded subjective narratives that can hold us back from positive change. We need feedback loops. In her counseling work, co-founder Micha Thomas intermingles psychological, spiritual and neurolingustic lenses to aid in great change and healing. Micha studied executive coaching at Columbia University, neurolinguistics programming coaching via Erickson and Bennett Stellar and is a Clinical/Counseling Psychology M.A. major with an emphasis on Depth Psychology. Give the gift of human support and a supportive change agent to yourself or someone you love.

3) Of The Wolves Eco Tee

We worked with artist Zoe Nissman to create this nature-inspired tee that pretty much sums us up visually and sets our little wolf hearts wild! Our tees are printed on Bella + Canvass raglans, eco-conscious manufacturers working out of a 100% sweatshop-free and paper-free warehouse in Los Angeles. Proceeds ALWAYS go to the Pack and our stewardship efforts. Purchase here!

4) Of The Wolves Eco Tote

Our canvas tote can come with you to the farmers market or on your weekly grocery runs! Proceeds always go to the Pack and our stewardship efforts. Grab yours or several for your favorite folks here.

5) Of The Wolves Conservation Society Patch

This patch was specially designed for our Wolf Pack Conservation Society program by an amazing Pack member: our graphic designer Rachael Day, and was later illustrated by one of our Pack contributors, Obi Kauffman, a published poet, artist and conservationist. Through our patches, you can display your howlin pride and Pack membership, no matter where you are in the world! The patches are woven cloth and are 2 inches x 2 inches with iron-on backing and can be purchased here.

6) Sanctuary Maker Consultation with Lulu

In our current world where so much time is spent sharing spaces with other people, the home is often the one place we have to call our own. A sanctuary is a place of refuge or safety, a nature reserve, or a holy place. This is how Lulu approaches her design projects – by turning spaces into sanctuaries. She calls on textiles, textures, and lots of living, breathing plants to cozy up a home. In this hour-long session (in person for LA locals, via phone or Skype) we will walk through your home, or your chosen “problem space,” and she will propose ideas and integrations to breathe new life into your sanctuary. Book your session here.

7) Lucidity Is Brilliant Online Program

Life is inherently prickly and challenging, our nervous systems are under siege, our constant usage of devices is habit forming and clinically addictive, 24/7 news cycles and demands to make ends meet are depleting us. This results in anxiety, trouble concentrating, depression, a mind under siege, and we often respond with dysfunctional behaviors. This two-week program was created out of experience – enduring grief, trauma and loss and struggling to self-start, to achieve clear-headedness, to put one mental foot in front of another for quite some time. Day by day, we take you through suggestions for dancing with lucidity based on extensive research, studies and personal experiences, and root you on with journaling exercises and meditations. Buy here or here and get going. This program launches Tuesday, November 28. You can either choose the kit or just the on-line program.

8) Communion By Joy x Of The Wolves Sol + Luna Warrior Ring

This ring is the first collaboration between Communion by Joy x Of the Wolves. The sun (center stone) represents us, and the moon (outer stones) represents our connectivity to the cyclical energy above and below. Communion by Joy is always constructed using recycled metals and ethically sourced stones. Made in Los Angeles. Available in sizes 3-8.5 and comes in Sterling Silver with Turquoise + Moonstones, Sterling Silver with Turquoise + Diamonds, 14k Gold with Turquoise + Diamonds, 14k Gold with Diamonds. Make your selections here!