Juicero | Minimum Waste + Maximum Wellness

by | Oct 31, 2016

The process of juicing at home tends to be messy and time consuming. I have two juicers sitting at the far back of my kitchen cabinets, which have probably produced more dust than juice in the years I’ve owned them. It’s just easier to order a juice cleanse or stop off at your local cold-pressed juicery when you’re crunched for time. If I could wave my magic wand over my juicer it would dismantle itself and put itself back together and magically dispose of the ensuing vegetable and fruit carnage. But luckily for me, Juicero exists now.

The USDA recommends consuming five cups of fruits and vegetables daily, and if you’re like me or the average person, many days this seems impossible. With Juicero, getting those daily fruits and veggies are made simple. This subscription-based service delivers a box of soon-to-be juices to your doorstep weekly.  You’ll immediately notice their bags of fresh, organic produce come sealed in plastic bags – a worrisome way to deliver sustainable nutrients – but this company is all about transparency from top to bottom. With the touch of a button the Juicero app allows you to research the contents of each bag — giving you access to the farmers and the farms that grow the produce plus the nutritional contents found within each bag.



At first, I had major apprehensions about the environmental footprint of juicing with my Juicero — from the plastic bags to the packaging used for shipping. But, sustainability is a touchstone in the Juicero company. They’re a carbon-neutral delivery company and a LEED Gold certified manufacturing facility. They’ve thought of everything. While they’re still working on a 100 percent compostable juicing bag that can withstand the four tons of pressure applied when juicing, they have lots of green options for helping you recycle now!

THE JUICE PACKS: Cut open the bottom of the pack and remove the pulp. This can be composted or used again in soups or beauty recipes (see below). The packs can be recycled at facilities that accept plastic bags or film packaging, OR you can request a shipping label to mail your used packs to Juicero’s partner Terracycle, where they will become picnic benches, garden tiles, tools and more!

THE INSULATION: Dissatisfied with the biodegradability and recyclability of the insulation on the market today, Juicero developed its own, which is 100 percent curbside recyclable!

THE ICE PACKS: These babies are constructed entirely of plant-based gels, so they recycle similarly to the Juice packs. Simply cut them open, compost the water-soluble gel inside, and recycle the plastic envelope as above.

THE BOXES: 100 percent curbside recyclable.

I love playing with my food, especially when it comes to beauty recipes! Making masks and scrubs with products found in the refrigerator or pantry is a great way to implement the practice of self-care, with materials readily available at your fingertips. This also makes natural beauty regimens affordable, not out of reach. An added benefit of using the plant all the way down to the pulp means you’re really living the “minimum waste and maximum wellness” lifestyle, of which we here at Of the Wolves are huge fans!


1 bag of Juicero juice pulp (I love the Beta Glow for this recipe, steer clear of jalapeño and beets-one will sting your skin and one will stain your skin)

1 cup of Turbinado sugar

1 cup of Olive Oil

1 tbsp of honey

Benefits // Beta Glow Juicero Juice Pack: * Carrots *  Vitamin A helps to create vibrant skin, repair skin tissue and sun damage + reduces inflammation! * Lemon * Heals acne and blemishes, brightens skin + acts as a skin toner * Orange * Vitamin C  helps protect skin from free radicals, tightens and brightens skin and prevents aging + dark spots    * Ginger * Heals scars, rejuvenates skin, is anti-aging + increases blood circulation * Olive Oil *  Doesn’t clog pores, prevents premature aging + protects against free-radicals * Honey *Anti-bacterial, anti-aging, intensely moisturizing, cleans pores + helps to fade scars


1 bag of green juice pulp (one without jalepeño)

5 oz of greek yogurt

2 tbsp of honey

1 leaf of aloe or 2 tbsp of fresh aloe vera gel

Benefits // Hydrating Green Juice Face Mask: * Kale*  Vitamins A helps prevent damage from free radicals. Vitamin K helps reduce the dark circles that can form under the eyes and has excellent anti-aging properties   * Spinach *  Helps to cure acne; Vitamin B helps to protect against sun damage, stimulates the growth of new skin cells + improves complexion * Pineapple * Reduces inflammation, is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, exfoliates dead skin cells + hydrates the skin  * Ginger *  Heals scars, rejuvenates skin, is anti-aging + increases blood circulation  * Olive Oil *  Doesn’t clog pores, prevents premature aging + protects against free-radicals * Honey * Anti-bacterial, anti-aging, intensely moisturizing, cleans pores + helps to fade scars * Lemon * Heals acne and blemishes, brightens skin + acts as a skin toner * Greek Yogurt * Lactic acid helps to dissolve dead skin cells, helps defend the skin from premature aging, exfoliates and moisturizes + anti-inflammatory  * AloeDeeply moisturizing; Vitamin E helps reduce scaring + is anti-aging

Currently, Juicero is only available in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada, but they are working on expanding their partnerships with other local farmers to grow to new states. To get 10% off your Juicero press, use this link or the promo code LULU10 at checkout (good for the next week).  If you happen to live outside of the Juicero area, look into your local CSA Box programs that work with local farmers to bring fresh + seasonal fruits and veggies to your doorstep!