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Bi-weekly Highlights; Volume 1

by | Apr 21, 2017

Most of the time, we’re voracious readers, we’re reliably inquisitive, and we’re experimental. We probe and we investigate to live a better life and to share that hard-earned life knowledge with you. I’ve decided to recap some of the many places I’m sticking my proverbial nose – some of the best of my findings in art, books, experiences, etc. – here in our bi-weekly series “Looking For Answers: Bi-weekly Adventures In…Living”, and Lulu and the rest of the Wolf Pack will be contributing from time to time, too. And so goes Volume 1!

Dancing from one book to another lately: Upon the recommendation of Wolf Pack contributor Naha Armady, I’ve been reading Urban Shaman by Serge Kahili King, Ph.D. The power of the mind is really the central tenet of this book (and Serge’s lifelong, Hawaiian shamanistic training) – that’s how it speaks to me – but there are beautiful, practical applications of harmonizing yourself and the world around you, no matter how chaotic or challenging. There’s practical magic, too. This is a book you could keep by your bed for the rest of your life, leaning over to take in just a few pages of intuitive wisdom when you need it most.

I’m also re-reading Glennon Doyle Melton’s Love Warrior (well, I listened to it on Audible the first time). Several of her mantras – like just focusing on “the next right thing” – have looped in my head like a tape while I’ve endured my own personal tragedy unfolding. I’ve been enjoying it in written form as I begin to record my own experiences for some sort of long-form essay. I’m not forcing what shape that will take but enjoying the process and the inspiration from Miss Doyle Melton.

The world has not gone to hell and a handbasket if these artists are delivering us all this art: Ryan Adams’ latest album Prisoner continues to rotate in my playlists, while Michael Kiwanuka’s album Love & Hate, out in 2016, has been added; Father John Misty’s Pure Comedy, though a real challenge in sections, is a stark, comedic and poetic reflection on mankind and humanity in a silky, stripped down folk album. Josh’s plank walking of sarcasm and sincerity gets better and better and somehow always pushes me a little in my own artistic pursuits when he releases new work.

The rose-colored glasses I need to see the world: I’d been “eyeing” these peony-colored glasses by Amanda de Cadenet and Girl Gaze for Warby Parker lately, and while I left them in my digital cart and forgot about them they sold out. Dammit! But I’ve also fallen for this lovely pair in “Rose Water.” For every pair of glasses purchased, Warby Parker donates a pair to someone in need.

The road to recovery is filled with lots of potions to ingest: As my adrenal and endocrine system healing continues, I’ve finally added pine pollen into my daily adaptogenic smoothies, magnesium oil into my nightly routine, and a TON more than usual of turmeric and ginger. I’ve been juicing the latter at home and adding it to sparkling water, but I also found this powder form of organic pressed ginger and turmeric when on the road, that works like a charm.