The time we’ve dreamt of has come - a committed relationship with you, our Global Pack. We are moving to a paid subscription model so that each and every one of the special souls that contributes their gifts to this collective is compensated. So that you, our audience, know what to expect each month and most importantly what to look forward to. And for us, your founders, to be able to continue leading this pack and reaching more people around the world.  

Money is energy - it’s an exchange that’s necessary to keep building impact, to reach more people around the globe. Rather than change a thing about Of The Wolves’ mission - apart from commit to MORE content, live chats, community forums and in-person programs - we’d love to be beholden to you, our audience, not solely advertisers and investors. With your support, we can continue to create with you and for you.  

Of The Wolves is a safehouse for you and your communities - a place to heal, a place to learn, a place to carry that all forward in your lives. It is the same for us. As our friend, anthropologist, and teams leader Philip Folsom, says, “The time of the lone wolf is over”. So is the time of harboring any shame surrounding being human, which is to be flawed, dynamic, and uniquely beautiful.  

“Magically one of a kind, Powerfully part of the pack.” That’s who we ALL are.  

What you can expect from your OTW Subscription:

Monthly Medicine

Tarot guidance from Mary Grisey. See her past writings here

Herban Love

Herbal and holistic health education in partnership with Goldthread Herbs. See past articles here

Head Health

Monthly articles from certified coach, Reiki practitioner, Counseling Psychology student and co-founder Micha Thomas and licensed psychotherapists Gina Minardi and Helena Vissing. Read more here. 


See what books are inspiring the OTW community in our monthly round of book suggestions.

Poetry Therapy

 Exclusive monthly poem released first to subscribers in The Howling from poet Jacqueline Suskin and Typewriter Poetry Series by poet McKayla Robbin.


From wake-ups to moon cycles, there's always space to create rituals that deepen your life. We offer them regularly as a part of our work.

Guest Editors

Access to content from leaders of industries - from beauty experts to psychologists, activists and actors! These are some of our favorite OTW weeks! Check out our past Guest Editors.

Interviews & Profiles

Get access to all of our in-depth profiles and features with makers, entrepreneurs, healers, therapists and more. These are some of our favorite features on the site!

Fertility & Moon Cycles

We are doing some deep diving into Fertility & Female Health as well as family planning, partially in partnership with Trellis Health. See articles here! 

The Howling

This is our monthly newsletter, with exclusive content for our subscribers with first access to Jacqueline Suskin poetry, our Monthly Mantra, notable quotes and research, and discounts to OTW events and workshops.

Online Workshops

We love our Global Pack and in an effort to bring OTW closer to more of them, we are beginning to offer some of our workshops online. 

Live Monthly Talks

Join Lulu and Micha as they tune into Instagram and/or Facebook monthly for talks with the pack as well as some leaders in their fields. 


Featuring the words from writers and experts you've grown to love and new ones we promise you soon will :

Gina Minardi

Helena Vissing

Jacqueline Suskin

Jolene Haley

Kaitlin McHugh 

Katie Manzella 

McKayla Robbin

Mary Grisey 

Obi Kaufmann



"It's the best version of everything you're obsessed with and new things you wouldn't have thought to look for. " - Gia (California)

"I live in North Vancouver, BC Canada. I'm turning 43 in May. I have a teenage daughter who is A-Gender and I feel the wolf pack supports every different type of person who wants to better develop themselves in a healthy way. I've always been in competitive sports however recently without a sport due to concussion received from boxing so I am a bit rudderless at the moment, I'm re-finding out who I am as I have had to give up the sport that I love due to the injury and your posts are very encouraging. I've also learned a lot as I have been living with PTSD and rage from a very early age growing up in an extremely violent environment. Your posts about rage and not feeling shame really resonated with me and brought tears to my eyes, very nurturing and I am very thankful for everything you do. Stories inspire others and we all need to share. Thanks" - Kiersten (Canada) 

 "Of The Wolves means so much to me. The inspiration, freedom, support helps my confidence. What is posted helps me in my day to day and it’s something I look forward to, it’s hope. Of The Wolves is a staple in my every day life. I feel safe, comforted, educated and free. I feel like it’s ok to be myself and I’m learning with every post. I aspire to be able to contribute back to this important wolf pack. I feel it's a safe platform to discuss very important topics and that there is a lot of compassion which is what the world needs." -anonymous (Canada)

"Hi! I've been reading "Women Who Run with the Wolves" and the more I dive into it, the more I realised how much the society I have been raised into has been deprived of the wild woman...When I first came across Of The Wolves, something in me felt like I was home and I think that your spirits resonate through everything you talk about on the blog and I would love to learn how to bring out that spirit in myself." - Belinda (Africa) 

"Something about the Of The Wolves movement, organization, existence really fulfills me." - Sara (California)

"Hello!! It is an honor to reach out to you today to connect. We have crossed paths a few times on Instagram, and I have been a fan of the blog and its content for some time. The tone is modern, relevant and bridges the gap between modern living and spiritual/divine energies." - Laura (Colorado)

"I fell upon your website last week and began to read through the posts that were on the home page. I came across one that you had written, about the anger series and I immediately started crying (I have no idea why just reading it brought me to tears.) I had been trying to find a way for years to talk to my mother, to tell her how I felt about what she has done but every time I had tried to do so, I couldn't... I am now back stronger and more ready than ever to chase my dreams and live in the freedom I had been trying to grasp for so long. Thank you so much for what you do, it has not only changed my life- but saved it. It also got my mother to start the journey of counselling I never thought she would go down. Keep up the incredible work, and thank you again." - Jazz (New Zealand)  


Meet Lulu Brud-Zsebe, OTW Founder

Lady Lu of the Wolves, aka Lulu Brud Zsebe is the wild woman behind the influential brand OF THE WOLVES. Since its founding in Los Angeles in December of 2013, Lulu has used this unique platform to promote and enhance on a global scale that which she finds so inspiring and impactful in everyday life. Driven by the natural world (the quiet strength of the desert, the movement of the ocean, the pulse of the forest from wet jungles to quiet mountain), as well as ritualistic cultures and feminine archetypes in storytelling, Lu has made it her mission to bring out to the masses that which is so often overlooked and unseen. An actress (Pretty Little Liars, Ray Donovan, Entourage, Pure Genius), Interior Designer, writer, artist, lifestyle promoter, and influencer, Lu brings all of these different aspects of herself to the table to make a complex and all-inclusive community of thinkers and doers. She joined forces with Micha in the summer of 2016 to expand the message and grow the pack. Often found wandering the neighborhoods of the east side of Los Angeles with her husband, Justin, and tiny dog Paixley, Lulu is committed in her desire to offer a space to feel inspired, informed, and ever importantly seen.

Meet Micha Thomas, OTW Co-Founder

Micha Thomas is the other half, the other wild woman leading the Of The Wolves community. She’s also a creative director, trained life and executive coach, Reiki healer and group facilitator. Micha has carved out successful marketing, content, branding and communication initiatives for clients across culture, music, innovation and technology industries for over 13 years. She is the creator of The MiA (Made in America) Project, is certified in Executive and Organizational Coaching via Columbia University and in NLP-based coaching, and is obtaining her Counseling Psychology Masters at Pacifica Graduate Institute to become a fully licensed therapist. Micha has been featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Refinery29, The Chalkboard Mag, Sakara Life, DesignSponge, etc. and contributed stories and interviews over the years to Elle Magazine, High Snobiety, Mind Body Green, and multiple regional culture blogs. She’s a trained dancer, alleviates angst by regular boxing sessions, and adores photography, the desert, communes, and her gaggle of pet pals.