Summertime Sadness | A Playlist from DJ Tragedy

by | Jul 12, 2016

There are many awakenings a person can go through in their lifetime. There are the awakenings of the Spiritual Self and the Sexual Self. There’s the awakening to a world beyond your own, to travel. There’s the tingle of an awakening when you taste incredible wine for the first time or the delicious complexity of a delicately prepared feast. And then there is the awakening that happens when good music fills your ears for the first time, moving through your skin and into your bones.

Troian was the key to my musical awakening. She was way cooler than I could have ever been in high school, her taste in music much more worldly than the music I was allowed to listen to growing up. I remember those summers well–driving up to “Mecca” in her car with our friend Sarah, the lights of Los Angeles splayed beneath us like tiny stars. We screamed Bright Eyes and Dashboard Confessional at the top of our tiny lungs, begging to be kissed by the boys to whom we were too shy to speak. I learned how to play records and burn incense that summer, and I returned back to my home in North Carolina feeling like I knew¬† secrets that no one else could possibly know.

So it’s only fitting that in her week of guest editing, Troian DJ Tragedy take the turntable and share some of her music with the wolves.