Trekking the Healthy Route | Wholesome Snack Attacks For the Road

by | Oct 13, 2016


We love traveling, and it’s a real rarity it’s a 4-star experience, as rated by Zagat or the masses. We love rugged road trips, camping, intense quick turnarounds, and meandering. We love beautiful accommodations, too, but we are perfectly content on a friend’s extra bed, or using the earth’s soil as our mattress. No matter what kind of travel – driving, flying, changing times to arise and to rest – it all disrupts the body.

Our body’s digestion can also be disrupted by the food available on the road. Driving across 1-40 for a 12-hour trek doesn’t provide many opportunities for grabbing healthy food options, so in order to avoid fasting – or worse, stopping at McDonald’s – we put together some of our favorite road munchies to keep our stomachs happy and full while on the move and wanted to share some of those suggestions here.

  1. Juice Served Here + Springs LA Grab & Go:  Juice Served Here has some of our favorite juicy blends, full of nutrient dense produce from some of their hand-selected local, biodynamic farms. Their juicing facilities produce zero waste, and their juices are never cut with fillers and are GMO free. Now, Juice Served Here has teamed up with LA plant-based favorite The Springs LA making it super easy to eat well, on the go! We picked up a few of their vegan sandwiches, salads, and coconut yogurts to fuel up.
  2. Califia Farms XX Espresso Cold Brew Coffee: With 2x the amount of caffeine of a normal cup of coffee, carrageenan-free and non-GMO almond milk, we love the delicious taste! Imbibe a few of these, and you’ll be cruising for hours.
  3. Jackson’s Honest Chips: Because, honestly, they’re just the best. Cooked in wonderful coconut oil fat and seasoned to perfection, Jackson’s chips are pretty much with us everywhere we go. Sea Salt & Vinegar is an OTW staple at the studio.
  4. Guayaki Yerba Wild Berry Reishi Mate Shot: Staying awake hours on the road sometimes requires a little bit more than just coffee. These Yerba Mate shots, infused with all-natural superfood extracts, helped keep our eyes open and focused on the finish line.
  5. EPIC Bars: If you’re a meat eater and you haven’t had an EPIC Bar yet, you’re really missing out. This company focuses on land stewardship, sustainable practices, and grass-fed animal proteins, and they make some of the most incredible bars on the market.