Why I’m a Wolf | Micha’s OTW Manifesto

by | Jun 1, 2016

Of the Wolves, for me, honors what I believe are the most potent essences of human nature – to learn and share with others, to dust off ancient technologies and revitalize them for the modern wild world and to dwell collectively, even if many moments are spent in solitary.

There are more conglomerations of words “published” digitally or in ephemera than ever before. We can’t turn the clock back on the constant streams of information and sharing. Yet, interestingly, with the glut of magazines, blogs, zines, radio shows – content-based companies in general – it feels like so few of them are speaking to us. We are not IN dialogue much these days, just pushing our thoughts out. Of the Wolves exists to hold a torch for the importance of inclusion and the age-old tradition of storytelling as sharing and human connection. We exist to facilitate real ways to consume sustainably, be stewards on this earth, and to live overall better lives.

The Wolf Pack is our team of contributors, of magic makers. We have actresses, clairvoyants, poets, healers, writers, and entrepreneurs amongst us. We’re not the most high caliber writers you’ll find online. Our brief essays on our favorite, cost-conscious alkalinity tonics might not rivet you. You might not share our obsession with the Western desert, and you might categorize many of our beauty regimens as west-coast-unkempt, or simply just boho. But we think via the care and passion we put into our dialogues with you and the stories we tell you’ll connect, you’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and in turn you’ll share.