Author: Brooke Ritchie

Nasturtium Leaf Curry | Kitchen Witch

Culinary + Fashion There is an affectionately scribbled list of plants in my mind, that – seen in no particular order but close enough to each other -means I’m home. Eucalyptus, jacaranda, flame tree, frangipani, bottlebrush, morton bay fig, lemon, paper-bark tree and the bright welcome of the nasturtium plant. Taking a long summer break with my family in Australia can feel like swimming in the water of my soul, pouring time back into what feels most like myself – foraging and walking, taking in the world step-by-step instead of racing by in a car. The delicate, peppery nasturtium...

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Shiitake Gyoza Recipe | Kitchen Witch

Culinary + Fashion Hot-out-of-the-pan crispy shiitake gyoza, a cold beer and a peach sunset are the kind of necessities I can get behind. For most, fall is beginning, but the warm days continue here in Los Angeles and I just can’t get enough of the golden crunch these gyoza deliver. Although making your own gyoza wrappers from scratch can be meditative (repetitive) and satisfying (challenging), feel free to buy gyoza wrappers at the store and you’ll be one step closer to putting your feet up. GYOZA FILLING 2 tablespoons un-toasted sesame oil 2 cups napa cabbage, finely chopped 3...

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Pitaya Cherry Vegan Cheesecake | Kitchen Witch

Culinary + Fashion Vibrant, joyous, glowing pink – this plant-based cheesecake is a jewel in my growing family of vegan desserts. I felt called to create this cake in the peeling back of consciousness right before sleep, pulling myself upright to jot the idea down in my notebook then slowly succumbing to the night comforted by the promise of a new sweetness: pitaya, cherries & coconut. Pitaya roja (red dragonfruit) popularly grown in Mexico, Central America, the United States, Southeast Asia, Israel, Australia and Brasil, is a pink, leather-skinned fruit, with black seeds much like a kiwi fruit. Its...

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Demystifying Tea Ceremony with Mikki Sage

Magic + Makers “The secret of life is to always leave a little room for poetry” – Massimo Bottura You might hear of sound baths, reiki healing, or intimate women-only tea ceremonies and know nothing of this world. One that, once experienced, seems temporary – like a fantastical dream where Marilyn Monroe is your suburban neighbor and you two go to baseball games together (yes, I’ve had that dream, and recently). I’m here to tell you all-women tea ceremonies are very real, and flourish in a place that exists not within a lucid dream, but on the busy streets of...

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Hoshigaki | The Patient Art of Watching Persimmons Dry

For the last five weeks, my apartment has been decorated with wrinkled Hachiya persimmons. Drying naturally for over a month, Hoshigaki are Japanese dried persimmons, a celebration of the fall season, a gathering of tiny pretty orange suns in your window. Beginning with the unripe, tannic orange fruits and air-drying for something like five slow weeks, it was in my fifth week of patiently waiting the sugars began to crystalize on the surface of my persimmon, giving them a frosted appeal in our mild southern California winter (this is the closest I’m getting to snow this season). How to...

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