Author: Chandra Fox

Mind Your Grammar: Your New Favorite Sustainable Button-ups

Magic + Makers This post originally ran in These Native Goods, our contributor Chandra Fox’s sustainable fashion site and directory. I have always had a thing for white shirts. They have been a wardrobe staple since my teen years. I love pairing them with blue jeans,¬†trousers or even open over a dress.¬†I love buttoning every button all the way up to the collar or only a few for an undone look. I love wearing them tucked in with a blazer and tie, or tying them at the waist with high rise pants. Finding them in unique cuts can be...

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Botanica Workshop | Good For You + Good For Mankind Intimates

Originally ran on These Native Goods, from our contributor Chandra Fox Originally, I heard of the brand Botanica Workshop through Jessica Taft Langdon, designer of the Palatines. She highly recommended them, and after I viewed their website, I saw why. I was immediately drawn to their style; it’s both delicate and confident. Seeing the pieces in person only added to the original appeal. Beautifully crafted underpinnings laid in rows on a table when I finally saw the pieces in person, and ethereal slips hung around the rest of the booth. The color palette caught my eye right away. Soft...

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