Author: Lulu Brud

My Own Private Island | A Coconut Buying Guide

Don’t worry if there aren’t any tropical island visits on your summer horizon. Of the Wolves has you covered. Slather on some coconut scented magic and escape to your own private island. These natural products will help you imagine your toes are buried under warm sand, your hair is wild and salty and your skin is sun-kissed, even if you’re just standing in your own bathroom. 1 MyChelle Sunscreen  2 Kuumba Made Oil  3  Mountain Ocean Skin Trip  4 Coqui Coqui  5  Coconut Oil 6 Desert...

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THINX About It | Free Bleeding As Nature Intended

Long before the day of my first period, commercials taught me to shove a tampon into my bleeding vagina, keep smiling and push through the discomfort of my body begging for free flowing. WHO’S GOT THE TIME TO BE A WOMAN!? THE SHOW MUST GO ON. There is so much shame wrapped up in one of the most natural processes a woman’s body goes through. Pharmaceutically, we’re offered pills to reduce that dreaded time to once a year. We whisper to one another in shadows “Do you have a tampon?”, mortified that someone may actually hear that we’re shedding...

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Wolf Jams | A Playlist

My buddy Ian, or DJ IG,  as he is affectionately known, has an incredible gift of creating spaces with good music. He delivered an unforgettably dusty desert dance party under the stars at my wedding in Joshua Tree, and has kickstarted amazing dance parties at the weddings of many friends! The poor guy inevitably gets stuck building playlists for most parties or gatherings he’s invited to, but it’s because he always delivers in the music department. So it’s only fitting that he made us an Of The Wolves playlist for our launch for all of you to enjoy. Follow DJ...

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