Author: Shanley Knox

An Uncommon Union: A California Girl and Her Ugandan Business Partner For Life

Magic + Makers Business, I know, should be measured in profit and loss. Ours I measure in life lived. I measure it in marriages, births, and deaths: in the years I’ve watched her become a wife, a mother and in the deaths of our parents. There was the summer she had a tribal wedding ceremony in her childhood village: our first year. We were working out of a government sponsored incubator, and I remember losing my temper when she missed a meeting. I barely knew her then. Later, I’d found out that a photographer had lost her only videos of...

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On Grief as a Spiritual Practice. And a State of Being.

One singular memory of my time in Costa Rica with my Father often comes to mind for me. In it, I’m 12, and he’s teaching me how to dive under a breaking wave. I remember the delight of how it changed my experience – one moment, being bowled over 1, 2, 3 times by the crashing waves, the next, diving under a quiet blanket of wet, feathered foam. Dad loved the ocean. He’d once upon a time even dreamed of becoming an oceanographer. He’s there in every memory of the cold Pacific hitting my face, again and again, never...

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Burnout + Breakdowns | The Occasional Paths to Being Reborn

When I was 21, and head over heels for an alcoholic with a penchant for disappearing while remaining in plain sight, my mentor, Joanna, told me to lose myself in my work. This is a strong diversion from the kind of advice a woman in her early 20s usually receives in the modern age. What seems normal is “don’t stay with that one,” or “that person is a waste of your time.” Normal seems, to me, being given rules about how not to ruin yourself or squander your life. Joanna, in contrast, stayed silent about my negative choices, though...

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