Author: Troian Bellisario

Ready, Set, Jet, Nourish | Travel Essentials with Sakara Life

There are two things that I am lucky enough to do A LOT…work and travel. Most often, I am working right up until I travel, or I am traveling right up until I work. It’s definitely not the best way to go about it (enter my parents voice saying “Troian you’re burning the candle at both ends!”), but if I want to get the most time I can with my fiancé who lives 3,000 miles away, or if I want to shoot a film on the weekends while I am shooting Pretty Little Liars during the week, I don’t...

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Letter from a Lone Wolf | Thoughts from OTW Guest Editor Troian Bellisario

Thoughts on being magically one of a kind, powerfully part of a pack from Guest Editor Troian Bellisario.   I pride myself on being a lone wolf. I like being alone. Walking alone, eating alone, traveling alone. I make excuses to be quiet at home when my phone is blowing up with messages about a nearby party. This sounds cooler than it really is, which is just social anxiety. I think I often separate myself because I like to live in my head. I like to make up stories for the people I see passing by, or I spend...

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