Keeping Calm Is Harder Than Bumper Stickers Suggest | Meet Our New Yoga Expert

by | Sep 26, 2016

Welcome Danielle Cuccio to the Wolf Pack! Yoga instructor to celebs and corporate clients, CEO of Cuccio Somatology and Health Blogger for The Beauty Blender. She’ll take it from here…

It’s so damn hard to stay calm in a city like Los Angeles. We spend most of our time in our car, praying traffic will part like the Red Sea. It’s hard to live your life without many moments to breathe, no matter where you live though. As a private yoga instructor, I find it my duty to bring calm and clarity to my clients and students who may find it hard to do so on their own, when living in such a busy and driven city. In today’s society, we’re all so driven, and it can feel strange when we’re not working, on social media, or doing something “productive”. We are taught to fill every single waking minute with something. However, one of the most productive and beneficial things we could be doing for ourselves is instilling a practice such as yoga or finding more stillness in our everyday lives. It makes our days so much smoother, our minds so much more clear, and our overall perspective much happier.

I run my own business, teaching many hours a week, writing for my blog weekly, and so on. Yoga is really one of the only things that keeps me calm. I breathe, I quiet my mind and move my body, and suddenly things feel a lot better. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard to manage my schedule at times and it’s challenging to maintain balance in my life. You MUST find that time though. Yoga or a similar kind of practice let’s you disconnect from the things holding you down and connect to the things that make you happy. Happiness, love, calm, peace, positivity… those all live somewhere inside of you. They’re there; they just take a proverbial minute to find. With yoga, I find it.

How do you find it though?

It can be dance, it can be going to your favorite place, it can be lunch with a good friend. Even being more mindful where you eat or eating lunch in a pretty atmosphere instead of standing in your kitchen. Finding the time that lets you relax and reset is key. Finding the time to just wake up and enjoy the beauty and calm around you. Once you start doing it, it’ll come more naturally. Keep calm friends, and I look forward to hearing how you calm yourself.