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New Pack Promise: Community Subscription Live

by | Oct 23, 2018



The time we’ve dreamt of has come – a committed relationship with you, our Global Pack, beginning October 23, today HERE. We are moving to a paid subscription model (with a set number of articles remaining free to read each month) so that each and every one of the special souls – experts and pioneers in their fields – who contributes their gifts to this collective is compensated. So that you, our audience, know what to expect each month and most importantly what to look forward to. And for us, your founders, to be able to continue leading this pack and reaching more people around the world.

Money is energy – it’s an exchange that’s necessary to keep building impact, to reach more people around the globe. Rather than change a thing about Of The Wolves’ mission – apart from commit to MORE content, live chats, community forums and in-person programs – we’d love to be beholden to you, our audience, not solely advertisers and investors. With your support, we can continue to create with you and for you.

Of The Wolves is a safehouse for you and your communities – a place to heal, a place to learn, a place to carry all of that forward in your lives. It is the same for us. As our friend, anthropologist, and teams leader Philip Folsom, says, “The time of the lone wolf is over.”  So is the time of harboring any shame surrounding being human, which is to be flawed, dynamic, and uniquely beautiful.

“Magically one of a kind, Powerfully part of the pack.” That’s who we ALL are.

Micha, Lulu and The Pack



  • MONTHLY MEDICINE | Tarot guidance by Mary Grisey (once a month) 

  • HERBAN LOVE | Herbal and holistic health education in partnership with Goldthread Herbs (once a month) 

  • HEAD HEALTH ARTICLES | Certified coach, Reiki practitioner, Counseling Psychology grad student and co-founder, Micha Thomas, as well as licensed therapists Gina Minardi and Helena Vissing will be bringing their expertise to the site!  (2-3 articles a month) 

  • BIBLIOTHERAPY | Our current favorite reads! (once a month)

  • KITCHEN WITCH RECIPES | Unique health tonics, farm-to-market recipes, entertaining tips and more (1-2 a month)

  • RITUAL OFFERINGS| From wake ups to bedtimes and bath times, the Women of the Wolves will be offering up one of their favorite rituals monthly

  • GUEST EDITORS | Exclusive access to our Guest Editor weeks, which feature the favorite do-good companies, products and personal essays from activists, actors, artists and more on the site (bi-monthly)

  • INTERVIEWS AND PROFILES | Features on incredible mission-based organizations and individuals doing good work in the world (2 articles per month) 
  • POETRY THERAPY | Exclusive poetry and therapeutic rituals from the acclaimed poet Jacqueline Suskin (once a month) 
  • FEMALE HEALTH & FAMILY | New content focused on female health – from reproductive system disorders and pregnancy to growing a family and navigating loss (1-2 articles per month) 

  • AND MORE! | “Wild World” travel coverage, “Sanctuary Maker” interiors tips, City Guides, and more


  • First access to online workshops, retreat news and videos, and more

  • Exclusive monthly newsletter/e-zine, “The Howling”, featuring unique quotes, mini interviews, recipes, mental health tips from experts and much much more

  • Twice monthly live talks, with founders Lulu Brud Zsebe and Micha Thomas and experts

EARLY BIRD PRICING (these will be your forever rates should you subscribe within the first 3 months of our move to Community Subscription):

***$10 a month, if subscribing month to month (Valid until January 23)

***6 month promo pricing: $56 ($9/month) (Valid until January 23)

***12 month promo pricing: $98 ($9/month) (Valid until January 23)


***$12 a month, if subscribing month to month (After January 23)

***6 month promo pricing: $60 ($10/month) (After January 23)

***12 month promo pricing: $120 ($9/month) (After January 23)



For those of you who are new to us, we are an online and experiential platform focused on story sharing, stewardship, and in-person programs. We exist in service of something ancient: sharing stories with the intent to pass information, preserve tradition and art, and to connect. We thrive on the open discussions of sometimes private challenges like addictions and mental illness, the celebration of humanity, and the abolition of shame. There is always a “me too” to find. We facilitate real ways to consume sustainably, be stewards on this planet, and provide practical tools for a higher quality of human experience for a global audience. We’ve no interest in a picture-perfect life, just the real stuff – substance over show – and uniting like-minded people around the world through our online platform and global retreats and workshops. Our Wolf Pack, our team of over 20 contributors, consists of actresses, entrepreneurs, clairvoyants, clinical psychologists, certified life coaches, wildlife conservationists, poets, writers, musicians and more.

To create stellar, educational and storytelling content in various forms that innately adds value to the Pack. To normalize what already is normal but under discussed, by presenting various viewpoints and approaches. To model positive community support for our global Pack, present tangible ways to lessen our ecological footprint, and to provide our work (content, services, seminars, education and sustainably-made items) at a reasonable rate, with little to no barrier to entry.