The Rugged Man | Stephen Smith Buying Guide

by | Feb 2, 2017

While he calls Los Angeles home (for now), Stephen is rarely seen around these parts. He’s more likely to be canvasing the coast of Baja on an epic motorcycle adventure or road tripping to the far corners of Colorado or Oregon with a camera strapped to his back. As a man who is constantly on the move – covered in dust or mud and photography gear – his life requires well-made gear that will sustain the trails and roads. Below you’ll find some of his favorite brands with which to hit the road.

1. Heritage Overland  Travel Wallet $150 // 2. Olivia Brion Organic Wine Pinot Noir  $35  //  3. Red Wing Boots   Iron Ranger  $320 //4.  Havstad Hat Co. Whiskey Comatose  $450  (see our interview with Cate here) // 5. WH Ranch Dungarees Steer Ryder  $375 // 6. Epic Bar Grassfed Beef Bar 12 for $30 // 7. Temple Tumeric Juice  Tumeric Ginger Aid 6 for $30